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Food & Beverage

We Provide The Solutions

Our Solutions

We offer branding solutions that will appeal to your target audience in addition to providing a platform for F&B businesses to leverage regardless OFFLINE or ONLINE. We also offer advice and assistance with social media marketing, which is an important factor of your marketing strategy and must be executed properly for the greatest impact.

Social Media Marketing

With years of experience as a professional in the IT field, Findbulous can provide professional, creative and results-driven strategies to help your business to grow. Discover our wide range of solutions, and get in touch to find out how we can help.

Membership Rewards

Reward your loyal customer with membership points, which then converted into monetary value that customers can spend in your establishment. Businesses can run special offers, discounts, and more with our system.

Merchant Alliance

Collaborate with other businesses to reduce cost and improve service for your customers. Share equitable risk and opportunity with all the parties involved.

Big Data

Collect data from your customers such as their social media, email, and other sources to improve the interaction experience and maximize the value delivered. Start delivering personalized offers, reduce customer churn, and handle issues proactively.

Customer Feedback Management

Respond to customer requirements and feedback quickly and effectively. Digital platform creates the opportunity to leverage customers for competitive advantages.

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