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Merchant Alliance

We Provide The Solutions

Our Solutions

Findbulous can help you to form a merchant alliance to reduce cost and improve your services for the customer. We can help you to ally with other businesses with equitable risk and opportunity share for all parties involved.

Business Matching

Identify and connect business with the common interests and mutually beneficial products, services, technologies, and business networks.

Digital Platform

Collaborate easily with other businesses, create efficient services, and ensure seamless information and knowledge sharing.

Voucher System

Share your vouchers with other business to increase your visibility. Businesses can run special offers, and discounts together.

Referral System

Expand your influence by tapping into your potential referrers' social circles. Build trust between businesses by recommending your referrer or referee.

Sales Tracking

Track, monitor, and analyze each stage of your sales process. This enables business partners to identify areas of success and improve their current sales process.


Expand Customers Base

Grow your customer base with your partners and expand your business networks and influence.

Call to Action

Increase your direct sales by establishing connections between your consumer’s desire and availability. Provides immediate access to content, decreasing a potential consumer’s frustration, thus, increases consumer loyalty.

Brand Awareness

Let customers recognize your business because this builds trust between businesses and consumers. More trust, more success.

Time saving

Market your business swiftly and with ease. Save your time from marketing your business from customer to customer.

Merchant Alliance Interview

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