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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The building blocks for long term customer retention and loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Findbulous also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM); the building blocks for long term customer retention and loyalty.

Why CRM?

Retain Customers

Learn more about your customers and make the right choices by discovering your customers data through various communication channels such as website, telephone, email, and social media.

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Grow Your Business

Turn loyal customers into your most effective brand ambassadors. A recommendation from them to their family or friends is more effective than all your marketing efforts! Sit back and watch your growth.


Customer Profiling

Understand who needs your products or services and the factors behind purchasing decisions. Create better opportunities for yourself by adjusting your product and or service accordingly.


Increase your sales conversions by reaching out to your loyal customers again and again. Help your customer to recall your brand and stay relevant.

Birthday campaigns

Show appreciation to your customers by celebrating their birthday with rewards.

Customer Feedback Management

Monitor your customers' review about your business. Build trust and reduce hesitation from them.

Why Choose Findbulous?

User Friendly

Findbulous prioritized on user experience to make the system as simple to use as possible.

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a quick overview of the interactions between your guests. Watch what functions well and what doesn't right away. Take immediate action.

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