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Customer Feedback Management

Leverage feedback collected to improve your product or service

Customer Feedback Management

Customer Feedback Management; leverage feedback collected to improve your product or service

Create Better Experience To Share

Use feedback results to improve customer happiness, anticipate lifetime value, and increase client retention. Give your customers a voice, and discover how to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Why Customer Feedback Management?

Understand Your Customers Better

  • Improve the customer journey by becoming aware of the common problems that your customers face

  • Enhance customer profiles and better understand their demands using feedback results

  • Learn why your customers leave to increase customer retention.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

  • Utilizing quick and thorough feedbacks, track and enhance customer satisfaction

  • To assess and enhance your customer service performance.

  • Set alerts for incoming replies to act on important feedback in real time.


Email & Link Surveys

Customers can respond to email surveys directly or via a link. Send mobile- and platform-compatible, responsive email surveys.

Website Surveys

Run flexible website feedback surveys and let their insights guide and improve your website development. Ask questions with simple website surveys that is compatible on all devices.

Feedback System in Mobile App

Increase the number of 5-star reviews with helpful customer input. Reach the right users at the right times to obtain the insights you need to improve.

Why Choose Findbulous?

Run Email, Link, Web & Mobile Surveys

Get more feedbacks from customers regardless of screen size.

See Survey Results In Real Time

Track the customer experience over time​​. Take action based on customer feedback

User Friendly 

Fewer clicks for users, more responses for you! Make surveys easy to take, get more feedbacks​.

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