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Online Marketplace

Companies that are looking further down the road, are already identifying and  implementing last mile logistics solutions to help them compete with the giants of eCommerce.

New eCommerce Era with last mile delivery

Last mile delivery marketplace has become one of the most important concepts on the frequently changing and emerging, eCommerce stage. “Traditional” supply chain management is being turned on its head by consumer demands for more options, and increased expectations around the last mile experience.

Understanding last mile delivery and its role in effect on customer satisfaction is critical to every business today, from global enterprise to smaller e-commerce sellers. Companies that are looking further down the road, are already identifying and  implementing last mile logistics solutions to help them compete with the giants of eCommerce.



New Retail /
Online marketplace


Last Mile Delivery

How they are impacting businesses, and the capabilities you need to create competitive delivery experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


The COVID 19 pandemic threw eCommerce ages forward with almost no advanced notice. The expected growth of eCommerce for the next 5 years occurred within 6-12 months, bringing with it a major hurdle for online sellers

With the boom in eCommerce, home deliveries are increasing rapidly. Spurred on by rising consumer expectations for faster delivery and more convenient options and fulfillment speed. In highly competitive markets, same-day delivery has become a “must” in order to keep customer loyalty high. Customers love fast or same-day delivery. In fact, 57% of customers say that same-day delivery will make them more loyal to a specific brand.  

Customer experience is everything.

Our Solutions

As a top ecommerce development company in Malaysia, our last mile delivery online marketplace provides a robust and feature-rich enable multiple independent merchant selling their products via a centralized product catalog or merchant store. It comes with perfect features to manage to add and edit their products, manage inventory, process orders, interact with buyers via seller login, while admin can manage sellers under his single interface & login, create promotion campaigns and manage accounts.


It gives you all the necessary tools to automate last mile delivery for order fulfillment, with our seamless workflows which increase business operation efficiency. It also allows you to track and manage orders and shipments, charge commissions, merchant settlement, promote products and sellers, and fully configure and control customer/merchant interaction.


Web Developement


Mobile & App Developement


Big Data Analysis


Have a great idea for a custom marketplace?

We will help you stand out from the crowd!

  • Business to Business (B2B)

  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

  • Multi-vendor marketplace

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)

  • Peer to Peer (P2P)

There are five main steps to the primary last mile delivery flow:


Processing Orders


Orders are processed through a centralized system. This gives both the sender and the recipient the ability to track and understand where the order is on the supply chain.

Arrives at Transportation Hub


The order makes its way and arrives at the transportation hub. The goal is to shorten the time between arrival at the hub and arrival at the final delivery destination (the “last mile”).

Delivery Assignment


This is a strategic process that allows packages to be assigned a route and the most effective delivery solution. It can be automated (in the case of on demand delivery), manual, or a combination of the two.

Scan for Delivery


Orders are scanned when leaving the transportation hub in order to keep the system – and all stakeholders –  updated along the last mile.

Successfully Delivered


The package arrives at the delivery destination and delivery is confirmed.

Feature-rich, Scalable, Affordable Marketplace Solution

All features that you need for a successful online Marketplace site.

Vendor Catalog

  • Vendor / Product Wise Commission

  • Product Listing Approval

  • Product Brands / Apply & Approve

  • Bulk Product Editing

  • Sell Products & Digital Goods

  • Sell Rentals and Services

  • Cross-selling & Up-Selling

  • Automate SEO Meta Tag

  • Product Reviews & Rating

Vendor & Marketing Features

  • Easy Vendor Signup

  • Seller Verification

  • Vendor Storefront Design

  • Chat Vendor with Customer

  • Vendor Account Statement

  • Vendor Discount / Offers

  • Sales Campaign

  • Rewards & Discounts

  • Loyalty Points

Orders & Fulfilment

  • Vendor Panel

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Shipping/Fulfilment by Marketplace

  • Local Delivery (Postcode/Distance)

  • Vendor Own Custom Shipping

  • Order Notifications & Alerts

  • Multivendor Order Management

  • Split Orders / Delivery Orders

  • Proof of Delivery

  • Automate Logistics

Admin Features

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Orders Management

  • Penalties Management

  • Vendor Rating

  • Sales Reports

  • Account Balance / Statement

  • Vendor Commission

  • Conversion Analytics for Vendors

  • Site CMS / Page Layout Design

  • Promotion Banners

Marketplace Capabilities

  • Vendor Management

  • Marketplace Administration

  • Marketplace Payments

  • Design and Themes

  • Services Marketplace

  • Capabilities

  • Shipping

  • Search

  • Product Catalogue

  • Product Marketing and Promotions

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Recurring Purchases and Subscriptions

  • Events and RSVP

  • Vendor On-boarding and Subscriptions

  • PIN Based Checkout

  • Request For Quote Module

  • Enquiries Management

  • Returns Management(RMA)

  • Virtual and Download Products

  • Boxing Logic Module

Vendor Stores

  • Store Management

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Click and Collect

  • Marketing and Promotions

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Vendor Dashboard and Reports

  • Vendor Distance Shipping Rates

  • Vendor APP


Seller Self-Registration

Quick and easy vendor registration allows vendors to register with complete details. Unique vendor account is created for each vendor by filling details in a simple registration form. Complete details of seller company, address, login, bank details etc. captured in one go.

Approval Flow

Admin has full control to approve or reject the products uploaded by the sellers. Products uploaded by sellers can be displayed on the marketplace only after approval from the admin thus applying a check on any unwanted product uploads.

Product Management

Allow easy management of products by sellers wherein vendors can add, edit, upgrade products by logging in. Give them the authority to add and view complete inventory, product variants, product details, pricing image etc. Upload products in bulk using CSV.

Seller Dashboard

Separate Seller dashboard for each vendor gives easy understanding of inventory and order status. Seller gets a snapshot of his business using the dashboard which provides order summary, sorting functionality, sales report, best selling products, revenue details and much more.

Admin Dashboard

Business owner gets a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel. Get the fine details of every aspect of your business like sales, revenue, vendor performance, bestselling products etc. to help you better business management.

Seller Management by Admin

Admin/ store-owner has full control of seller activities and views the seller’s overview performance. Admin can add, approve or reject vendors and their products, view complete vendor details, calculate his commission and payouts, analyze performance of sellers.


Inventory Management

Get a clear overview of vendor specific inventory and keep track of available stock and products with them. Setup rules to display products as in stock or out of stock for all or specific sellers.

Commission set up

Set up flexible Commissions for vendors depending on their hierarchy or product categories.Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every order.

Unified Notifications

Send notifications to sellers and customers via email, browser and mobile push notifications. Be on top of every business activity with timely notifications at various activity levels.

Shipping and Discounts

Set up sellers specific shipping charges and discounts to promote your bestselling sellers or products. Choose from multiple shipping partners to optimize shipping costs and maximise ROI.

Order and shipping management by Seller

Allow sellers to manage their orders and ship their products without any intervention. Provide an intuitive view of orders with complete details of open, cancelled and closed orders. Allow sellers to generate and print invoice, ship order, marked shipped order, cancel order etc.


Seller Ledger

Get a comprehensive seller ledger to calculate and track the payments/receivables for Sellers. View complete details of seller ledger including transactions, pending orders and invoices. Set up ledger rules, manage payouts and get complete history and records of each seller in a few clicks.

Returns and Refunds

Gain customer confidence by offering simplified return and refund. Get the ability to offer easy return or refund for each product shipped by different sellers.

Last Mile Delivery


Schedule Dispatching

System automatically assigns the right driver and initiates the parcel pickup and dispatch process.

Proof Delivery

Collect signatures and photos using our driver app as your driver completes each delivery. Everyone stays accountable and tracelable with our last mile delivery solutions.

Delivery ETA

Customers can check the estimated time of delivery with this feature.

Real-time Tracking

Track the status of the delivery in real-time and on a map interface through the last mile delivery management software and allocate resources in a centralised view


Optimising Operations

Our robust system optimizes business operation and task result which improves your overall business performance.

Track Performance

Track your driver’s performance monitoring key performance metrics via comprehensive analytics and report.

Real-time Feedback

Receive customer feedback in real-time once order is delivered.


Bring your marketplace idea to life with best-in-class features to manage multiple vendors, offer great customer experience, on a world renowned platform that is scalable and affordable. We offer a fast-track development service to let you go-to-market quickly with a MVP to start capturing sales immediately, then allow on-going enhancements to achieve optimal results. Whether you are a shopping mall, a manufacturer; selling products or services, we have the right solutions to match your needs.

Fully Customisable

We can customise the marketplace with a tailor-made bundle of essential features, and powerful plug-ins to suit your business needs.

Speed to Market

Our experienced team can deliver this marketplace to you as fast as 3 weeks to have it up and running before your competitors.


From new idea to larger scale marketplaces, we have the package for you that would suit your specific needs and budget.

Case Studies

Our team has worked on challenges and found the IT solutions for diverse projects. We bring for you some of our case studies showcasing the cutting edge solutions that resulted in better ROI for our clients.

Create an outstanding marketplace

Looking to build the next Lazada or Airbnb and disrupt your industry? With online marketplace development services, we build optimized and engaging platforms that bring a great volume of traffic, increase conversion, and grow sales. We will help you create a successful, scalable, and high-quality custom marketplace website that your users will enjoy.

Online marketplace development

Have a great idea for a custom marketplace? We know how to create a platform that your users will love.
Having extensive experience in marketplace website development from scratch, our expert team knows how to make your platform outstanding.
You need more than just a cost-effective online marketplace platform. Being an experienced online marketplace development company, we know that it is vitally important to focus on your end users. 
We will quickly and efficiently create an online marketplace for you, solution that follow latest industry and tech trends and recommendations. And what’s most important - your customers will love it.
Our experience of marketplace website development for particular industries has allowed us to grow in-house expertise which we gladly share with our customers. We provide consultations on every stage of the project development and know how to build a marketplace following the best industry standards.

Here’s how we develop exceptional custom marketplaces

Image by Scott Graham

1.  Research & discovery

This stage in the development of a marketplace helps our expert team understand your business goals and target audience, and suggest the best ways to address them.


2.  Product Design (UX and UI)

We design prototypes and UI for your future marketplace based on the product goals and target audience. This helps us implement the user journey and build an intuitive custom app that your users will love.

Programmer working with code_edited.jpg

3.  Product (MVP) development

Our experienced software developers build your marketplace based on the latest industry standards. Your platform will be secure, scalable, and maintainable allowing to add new functionality when needed.


4.  Optimization and QA

By putting special effort into testing each marketplace website we create, and optimizing the code, we are able to ensure high quality and efficiency of all the custom solutions our team delivers.


5.  Deploy, monitoring and support

We monitor your marketplace once it’s deployed, and quickly solve any issues that may arise. If you don’ t have an in-house tech team, we will take care of your platform and support it on a regular basis.

  • Find a niche and choose amarketplacetype

  • Make a decision on the business model

  • Decide on user acquisition techniques

  • Validate your idea with a prototype and early users

  • Define the set of required features

  • Take care of UX/UI design

  • Pick the best suited platform or tech stack

  • Build and launch an MVP

  • Promote, grow and scale your product

We build remarkable and high-quality custom marketplace software platforms following the best practices and industry standards.​

  • User-friendly

  • Clean UI 

  • Easy navigation 

  • Responsive layout 

  • Enhanced UX 

  • Fast-loading 

  • Scalable Pre-built static generation 

  • Secure SSL by default 

  • Vulnerabilities free Secure from main attacks (Injection, XSS, CSRF) 

  • Server-side rendering (SSR) support 

  • Mobile-friendly 

  • Connectivity independent 

  • Engaging 

  • Push notifications 

  • Conversion optimized 

  • Tracking pixels enabled 

  • Manageable

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