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Hotel Solutions

Findbulous has worked with many hotels over the years and have evolved our solutions to cater for the ever changing needs and requirements of the hospitality industry. 

Our key solutions include:


Advanced booking engine & channel manager

  • Increase your website’s online sales with our powerful booking engine that’s user-friendly, fast and responsive to any device.

  • Reinforce your online sales without depending on external parties. 

  • Manage your online bookings easily with our powerful channel manager that is designed for you.

  • Stay updated on your latest room inventories and make changes to your connected channels seamlessly.

Guest Experience

Booking Confirmation

Get in touch with your guests directly as soon as possible. The CRM Experience offers continuity and a genuine follow-up of customer satisfaction.


Send a welcome email with a survey to your guests several days before they arrive. You can provide upselling services and provide your guest a personalised experience.

Retain your customers with our key features:


Customers collect loyalty points that they can accumulate for rewards or upgrade their membership features. It’s the currency for their loyalty.



The Concierge service available in our system offers contactless services, from check-ins, room service to enquiries and even bookings for dining. Contactless technology increase efficiency of hotel services all at once.


Customers no longer have to copy & paste discount codes or use custom links to enjoy their rewards. The accumulated points are converted into monetary value that customers can spend in your establishment. Businesses can run special offers, discounts, dining specials and more with the system.


Guest Journey Communication


Convert new-to-hotel guest from OTAs to your member

(build your own database)


Drive direct bookings

(winning the direct booking revenue)


Upsells with package 
or add-on

(generate more revenue)


Enhance guest booking experience


Engage with guest


Convert offer into sales


Can give more offers to guest but not hurting your bottom line


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