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Our Solutions

On top of providing a platform for F&B businesses to leverage on, we also provide branding solutions that will appeal to your target audience. We also provide consultation and services for social media marketing - an essential part of your marketing campaign that needs to be done right for maximum impact. And finally, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can help propel your business to the next level by building long-term relationships for your loyal customers.


Increase sales


Get free publicity


Big data


Retain customer


C3 Food & Grocery

We are committed to improve the consumption experience for every household, providing high-quality goods, convenient and comfortable services, so that everyone can enjoy a high-quality of living. The current business includes fresh and food deliveries.

We adopt the service mode of ordering today + picking up tomorrow or delivering to home service. We use advanced technology to upgrade the process of commodity circulation and sales, a "new retail" platform and promote a win-win ecosystem  of national consumption upgrading.

Why C3 Food & Grocery Delivery?

During the pandemic, consumption habits start to change, which give rise to new consumption patterns. Online shopping and online services have unleashed huge potential and accelerated the digitization.

As customers' demands for service and convenience increase, the trend of physical sales combined with online sales model (new retail) will be prevailing. If your store has not yet joined the online business, this is a great opportunity for you to grow exponentially.

Benefit Gain

A multi partnership loyalty rewards platform helps merchant to get more business and build customer stickiness. User save money for their spending while getting more value.

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